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For over fifty years, the need and the enthusiasm to create appliances that facilitate the life in the home appliances led Fernando Moreno to develop with very few means, our popular electric brazier. It was the year 1966, with much enthusiasm and long days of hard work, was born FM Calefaccion. Over the years and without losing sight of family beginnings, at FM we have evolved, providing modern designs and improving the performance of our models. Thanks to this, we have the recognition of millions of users in more than 25 countries, as well as professionals in the sector.
Today, with an extraordinary human team, more than 30,000 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities and machinery, we work in three distinct business lines:

Distributors, commercials, suppliers, users and employees … each and every one in its measure you have contributed your work so that the FM Group has fulfilled this half century and we renew the illusion to fulfill another fifty years more.
Thank you very much to all.